Publicity & RM

Publicity & RM

In Publicidad Supra we think the communication and public relations as a way to create bonds between our clients and journalists, creating and strengthening a transparency and trust relationship with them. This effort will bear their fruit in the form of media attention.

Each client’s needs are different and we draw specific communications plans for each situation, setting realistic goals and using the most effective tools.


  • We research, select and create databases of media, journalists, and bloggers more suited to each client.
  • Development of informational material to send to media and blogs (press releases, special shipping, notes) The information that we offer them must be credible, interesting and help define or enlarge the reputation of our client.
  • Management of interviews, management of requests for information from journalists and bloggers, send additional information, images, etc.
  • We maintain a close and direct contact with journalists and bloggers to identify their information needs, taking into account their calendars of publication and entries, and make an exhaustive monitoring of the releases that we distribute them.


Sometimes, events are the best way to provide certain information to journalists and a great excuse to get to know them, let them know the brand and strengthen your relationship with them.

Depending on the client, we carry out different types of events ( products and services presentations, press conferences, travel press, showrooms, demonstrations, exhibitions, open days, lunches, breakfasts, etc.) We handle the call for journalists and other prescribers and the confirmation of participants, the organization of the event (rental of space, technological support, signage, catering, photographers, etc.), preparation and distribution of information materials (press kit, gifts, etc.) and sending back information.


The sponsorship is a very effective tool as a vehicle of communication, allying our customers with other brands that may contribute to positive values or even as a tool of corporate social responsibility. We handle the entire process, from its pursuit to implementation, through management of information and even coordination with other departments of communication.

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Publicity & RM

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