Superpanorama, a new format

A new format for your advertising campaigns

Superpanorama, a new format

Superpanorama, a new format.

In Publicidad Supra we present our new formats in Superpanorama, because everything evolves including the press, we always bet for novelty. The Superpanorama are created to take advantage of the new project you have in mind and you want to distribute in an original way like direct marketing, exhibitions or thrown in daily newspapers.

Visualize your new campaign taking advantage of your images to the maximum or maybe you have lots of important information that you wish to communicate to your customers in a clever way, thanks to its horizontal format you can give to know all the information of your campaign in a didactic way. This format is so striking that it won´t happen unnoticed.

It is striking, with a unique editorial format fold-out brochure in three different varieties:

Superpanorama PLUS

With hidden internal windows, the customer discovers more information when interacting with the page, is fun, practical and ideal when you need to drill down information in different ways.

Superpanorama FLAT

Totally drop-down horizontal, with windows to the center from two to four faces in a single view, you can play with 4 faces that are generated when you open the windows, enjoy your photographs in large format.

Superpanorama MINI

Drop-down vertical, with windows to the center is a comfortable and practical format for reading.