Website positioning

Website positioning


  • Social network and blog

  • Pay per click

  • SEO

  • Internal and external links

The positioning of your website in the search engines is essential for the diffusion of your services. Today, is not enough to have only a web page if your target audience does not know that you exist. To do so, Publicidad Supra develops and prepares your website with an integrated SEM marketing strategy on search engines, which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a pay per click campaign (PPC).

In addition, We are very careful with the techniques implemented, since it is known that the badly executed or excessive actions, can affect in a negative way to the natural search engine results and, at the same time, be penalized for google (black hat technics).


Social network + blog

All activities in social networks and news updates.


Pay per click

Adwords campaign adjusted to your needs and targets.


Posicionamiento manual orgánico.

Google Hummingbird is a manual organic positioning algorithm.


External links

Hyperlinks that point from or to your web with better pagerank.

How it works


    Thoroughly examine your website and determine the actions to improve the structure and organic positioning.


    We'll segment the target audience and raise the scope of the campaign according to your needs.


    We'll delimit the most appropriate keywords to your target audience, and plan the group of ads and times of action.


    Activate the campaign and their groups of ads within the established parameters. You will see the results within 24 hours of starting the campaign.

  • 5. RESULTS

    You will get a report monthly with the results of the campaign, although no one better than you to assess the return on your investment in calls or affluence.

What do you need?

Web positioning

Social networkPay per click - adwordsSEOBlog and linksOther

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