Sustainable and eco 3D printed house made by Massimiliano Locatelli

Sustainable and eco 3D printed house made by Massimiliano Locatelli

3D printed house made by Massimiliano Locatelli

Sustainable and eco 3D printed house made by Massimiliano Locatelli

Seems like there’s no limits for Massimiliano Locatelli between design, technology and habitability and it is based on them to compose 3D printed house, sustainable, economical and of marked modernist character for an architecture of resource use and easy construction

During the last Milan Design Week the studio for which Locatelli works, CLS Arquitectos, installed in the Piazza Cesare Beccaria a concrete house with 100 meters of floor, rounded walls and four useful rooms. Its great mobility, allows to disassemble and move it from place, as well as to reuse construction materials to recycle its production and create a new home.

The final result is rough, somewhat coarse, but modern and industrial touch, very appropriate for the new impersonal buildings of the cities, but with high functionality. On the other, open to all possibilities, given that creativity has at its service useful elements such as speed of construction, its sustainability or its reduced cost.

How is created a 3D printed house?

It is about 35 printed blocks in an hour approximately and what in total cost of hours, it was finished in 48 hours, demonstration of its ephemeral use is that the installation was completely dismantled after the realization of the festival and no element remains in The place of the facts».

Its structure and its wide walls are optimal to preserve the temperature and it is possible to supply it with energy in a sustainable way. Its «new architectural language» offers ample possibilities in the new constructive scenario of our society. Also, its sober design and content, allows to monopolize in the decoration the strong touch for the aesthetics of the home.

A Cybe Construction robot has been used for its construction and it is possible to see a virtual map of the 3D Housing 05 (name with which the «creature» has been named) on the project website where the sustainability and constructive flexibility of the project is demonstrated. offers its development.

Although its current cost is more than € 1,000 per square meter built, Locatelli expects to reduce that price to € 300 in the near future, betting strongly for the achievement of a project not only habitable, but economic to produce, to respond to all kinds of investment resources.

The construction process of the concrete, seems more the realization of a cake, pastry bag in hand, to proportionally distribute the mixture to which the door, window and cover structures are added later. A «cake» of sustainable habitability.

Vía: DesignBoom

© Photos: Luca Rotondo