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5 reasons why you should have a corporate video

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5 reasons why you should have a corporate video

5 reasons why you should have a corporate video

Ten years ago it was essential to have a web page. Now it’s the same with the videos. The use of corporate or promotional video is a fabulous tool for digital marketing. Being present in channels like YouTube or Vimeo that have millions of users, is extremely useful for small and medium companies as well as for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to retain their customers and reach a huge number of other potential. YouTube is currently one of the most visited websites on the planet and its users use it as a search engine.

In this article we want to explain the 5 reasons why you need to have a Corporate Video, something that a few years ago could be something expensive and laborious but thanks to technological advances has become an economic option, simple and very powerful.

Hello World

A corporate video is the best presentation for your company or business. In a few minutes you can tell all your company or bussiness information to your customers highlighting the services, details or concepts you want to emphasize and, most importantly, transmit an image of seriousness and professionalism that distinguishes you from your competition a much closer way. Whether in animated, testimonial or episodic format, a corporate video show the best of you to the world and helps to create a direct and close communication with your customers.


As I said in the previous point the different types of corporate video are the perfect vehicle to establish a direct and productive communication with your customers, and acquires greater power of connection when you use the different types of videos at your fingertips such as:

  • Testimonial video. Where your clients or yourself talk about your experience of collaboration.
  • Demonstrative videos. Where you can demonstrate your knowledge about your profession, demonstration of the products you sell or any thoughts or actions you want to convey to your clients.

Any sector can use this type of information pills to reach more public through channels like YouTube or Vimeo.

Global Reach

And, today, it is very easy to get where previously only dreamed reached thanks to social networks and channels such as YouTube. Sharing a video on the Internet is something we do at all times and the potential audience that can see it is huge, much more than the one that could see a tv spot of your company on television and much more objective, since the search filters and robots And network applications work for you by directing your video to people looking for services or products like the ones you offer.

Win the Race

If having a corporate video will differentiate you from your competitors, having a series of videos will help you win the race to the competition. The creation of original and personalized content is one of the best tools to be well positioned in search engines and get a greater visualization of your web page. The use of this content on social networks makes your profile is much more updated and therefore receive more visits resulting in a ..

Big Success

The power of the video produces an increase of sales and in the capture of clients of a fast and simple way, fidelizing those that already have and feeding the communication in the Social Networks, blogs and search engines. As any online marketing campaign can be tailored to your budget and result. Our experience working in direct advertising, media and online can adjust to your needs and help you take the step of starting your own TV channel on Internet where your company or business play the lead role.