Evolution of the classified ads in Spain, yesterday and today

Evolution of the classified ads

How the world of press advertising and classified ads has changed
Anuncios clasificados, ayer y hoy

Evolution of the classified ads

Evolution of the classified ads, yesterday and today.

So many years ago, I am no longer aware of when, in my family, there was no talk of advertising.

anuncios clasificados 1964

1964 Reading some classified ads in the pool of the Parque Sindical

I was very young when my father decided to create an advertising agency around the year of 1964… An exciting adventure but a quite new scenario for those who were not part of the big agencies world. A great deal of intelligence, a keen desire to undertake and learn, many hours of work and, a commendable honesty made, over time, our agency became one of the best known in Madrid for its good work, seriousness and Professionalism, reaching a workload in a few years, which perhaps was never thought.

The world of advertising has changed a lot.

I do not know whether the big ones, or the small and medium advertising agencies.

40 years ago there was no internet and a great extent of advertising was done in press. Classified ads «by words», as we called them before, used to occupy so many pages in newspapers.

The volume of newspaper ads we had daily was huge. They were not visually creative ads (although also count the efforts to say with the fewest words, what they wanted to sell, buy, rent and search) but it was a publicity street, which reflected the day to day of people and their needs, holiday home on rent, a fur coat on sell, or lost pets.

Little by little it was evolving, but almost everything moved around the same media. The way of distributing the ads on these pages was adapted, so that they were easier to find by the user. With the real estate boom, the newspapers had to restructure their sections, adapting them to the moment: the ads where organized by zones and prices, etc. And the newspapers created specialized supplements that included hundreds of those ads by words with more creative design and in different formats that made the supplement much more attractive to attract the attention to the potential buyers / sellers.

Anuncios clasificados en el boom de la inmobiliaria

Classified ads in the real estate boom

Everything to make it more visually attractive, comfortable and quick to use and find.

Nowadays there are also a few classified ads in the press, but most of them on the internet, on specific websites to advertise and even free.

The world of advertising has been revolutionized by internet but, to my understanding and, above all, classified ads. It is true that in the press you had to pay for every word that was announced and on the internet is for free wich it creates at the same time a great saturation that makes your ads more difficult to find compared with the newspaper media, everything was faster.

Paloma Prados