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Investing effectively in advertising

Investing effectively in advertising

Investing effectively in advertising

Investing effectively in advertising

The advertising is the capacities to disseminate information, to publish ideas, brands, products, services, etc. in a attractive and visual way for push to the user to meet our objectives, achieving a mutual benefit.

Focusing on advertising as a form of communication directed to commercial purposes, it must be truthful, interesting, satisfying, attractive. It is not a question of cheating, but of showing the kindest face of our product or service, of whatever kind.

In order to do this, persuasion techniques and tools are used to inform the public about the advantages of a brand, a product or service.

The investment that the companies or professionals destine to publicity must be proportionate and as realistic as possible, since, although it is very necessary, the client with our help, must measure well his possibilities of spending with respect to the results that he wants to obtain.


Therefore, when planning a campaign, whether large or small, we must know everything about the brand, products or services we want to expose the public; Advertising agencies must act as part of the company, with similar interest and knowledge and have maximum communication with our client.

The briefing should be extensive, clear, transparent, it is the starting point to achieve the objectives of the company, that is why communication between client and agency is so important.

publico objetivo

Target audience

We must analyze the target audience interested in what we offer, know them by age, sex, habits, location, etc., the competence, the situation of the company and the general situation, its needs and objectives. The strategies to follow to achieve this goals and a series of actions that lead to the success of campaign.

Depending on the sector to which belongs: education, employment, real estate, law firms, medical consultations, etc … and of the factors previously exposed, advertising should be traditional or digital, it should appear in one or another medium,  in a locality, etc., what is necessary to achieve a greater impact.

Elaboration of creativity

From experience, we know that an ad can be attractive, but if it does not offer the correct message or does not appear in the right places, it will not get the desired effects.

The design, the colors, the creativity, must be attractive and suggestive. Offer a clear, close and credible message that quickly identifies with our brand, product or service and is retained in the customer memory.

The message or claim must capture the attention, show the benefits of our product and the advantages of what you offer, be able to influence the users provoking desire to buy what you announce.

It is also important that the message is tailored to the selected media Since, although it has the same base content and the same objective, it is not the same that appears in a billboard that in a radio wedge.


Broadcast media

As for the media used, these can be conventional or unconventional, using different supports that are the platform where our advertisement or campaign is exposed. Among conventional media, they would be: press, magazines, radio, television, internet, outdoor advertising, cinema … Among the non conventional, sponsorships, direct marketing, events, fairs, cast, promotional gifts, etc.

The advertising agency should be in charge of planning, managing and processing these broadcast media for a good and faithful visualization of our brand or product, with a budget in accordance with the economic situation of the client.

With all this, and following a 360º strategy, we must analyze and decide what media and formats are the most appropriate to achieve the desired objectives with our campaign. We must cross data with the characteristics of the client: public, competition, objectives, budget .. and, from there, delimit the actions to follow.

Another important aspect for the good performance of the campaign, is that the client has a great website where the user can access, once starts the advertisement campaign, to consult, compare or simply confirm what he has seen and has aroused his interest.

The website must be clear and well structured, it must have quality content and show in a simple and quick way what our company is dedicated to, what products are about or what services you offer. In this way, you can capture new customers or retain those you already have.

The way we communicate has changed radically thanks to the internet due to the large number of users who use it, making queries, looking for information of interest, or looking for companies that offer interesting services.

Hence the importance of website positioning, have presence in search engines, directories, make campaigns in Google Adwords, To buy spaces in portals or other web sites with high traffic and adequate profiles, and a good community management on the internet through social networks as a channel of communication with the client by managing their profiles, they can interact in the user environment in a natural way; is a flexible, bidirectional, immediate support, and may even become viral.

This type of advertising has the great advantage of segmentation, very important to reach the desired profiles.

In short, advertising really has a lot of possibilities, but you have to act with intelligence and proportionality, trying to reach the maximum of potential customers and for those who already are customers, let them know they are in good hands.

Be constant

One of the biggest problems for planning a good campaign is the mentality about looking for something: «good», «nice» and «cheap». The companies that have been successful in their campaigns have been constant doing it; It is fundamental to let themselves be harnessed by those who have experience. The campaigns of these companies took risks to be the best in their segment with constant actions.

When the investment is continuous, the relationship with the media is better because they know they have a customer for the whole year instead only once a year. For this reason, prices will be better.

Have to be clear how my target audience moves and based on it being constant. It may be that your customers have clicked on a banner that takes to the web, later on thank’s remarketing again they see your brand and when they move around the city listen to the same spot while listening to music on radio or spotify, then watch the campaign on the subway. We can not forget that the strategies are already designed to address several channels.

difusion en medios


It is not the same to advertise a brand, In which case what is intended is to make it known and get a social image associated with it, than trying to sell a product or a service in itself, in which case the results are more measurable, since they translate into direct sales.

Consumers today are more demanding and have more information and knowledge than before, so, If what we offer has no consistency, neither content nor interest, our efforts will be useless. In order to measure the results we must take into account this and make sure about the congruence with all the information we expose, even in our social networks.

To measure the conventional campaigns of press, radio – tv or outdoor advertising there are also theeconometric models, So that I can measure whether it is better for me to be in one tv program or another, in case of online advertising there is more accurate campaign tracking according to the segmentation in the campaign itself: by gender, age, hours of influx, search parameters, even location.

Of course, everything is digital these days, and it is true that it is a very adjustable budget, independent of the size of the company, but advertising in media such as television is still the medium with the greatest impact immediately.

On television we have to keep in mind that to have a relevant campaign budgets are very high, unless we have regional or local TV campaigns. For that reason, it may be good to complete the television campaign, with press, outdoor or direct advertising such as the direct marketing, this last channel more linked to local actions and support our physical stores.