Pi Bike: design of mathematical challenge worthy of Einstein

Pi Bike: design of mathematical challenge

Pi Bike - Industrial design

Pi Bike: design of mathematical challenge

As not only decimal numbers live the mathematician, two industrial designers have completed in time for the Day π his Pi Bike, a bike of aerodynamic cut, handlebars designed for aggressive driving and lines that would challenge several theories of Einstein, if stop, get on it. Tadas Maksimovas and Martijn Koomen,the designers, have it clear, there are no unknowns in the conceptual design constant.

From the pencil sketch, going through the cardboard and wood models to the final model, made of carbon fiber and some metal alloys, the Pi Bike comes to celebrate the birthday of the German physicist, who co-emerges as an International Day dedicated to the number Pi, both celebrations are a source of inspiration for these two creatives who have found the perfect excuse, to pose some challenges to Albert Einstein.

You can guess a light but strong design, very sharp and balanced but at the same time robust. No doubt a careful work because the various phases of polishing, sanding, casting and remelting that anticipated the final assembly, are proof that they did not want to make something easy but an authentic work of «mathematical» engineering.