Iconography and pop-art in Scott Listfield's painting works

Iconography and pop-art in Scott Listfield’s works

Pop-art in Scott Listfield's works

Iconography and pop-art in Scott Listfield’s works

‘Pop art iconographic radiography’ could have been called this collection of paintings that Scott Listfield has been developing for almost 20 years, but the truth is that he has opted for a simpler motto to give name to this representation of popular culture before the arrival of a possible lost astronaut to a dystopian planet Earth future.

‘AstronautDinosaur’ is a collection of paintings that this artist from Massachusetts, who studied art in New Hamphire, has been producing serially for decades and where a large number of icons of popular culture mixed with scenarios of future apocalyptic, very inspired in the most contemporary science fiction epic.

The solitary explorer who delves into the recesses of the art of Listfield is an Earth in most cases devastated, uninhabited and very defeated by the elements, especially the natives who have recovered in this post-apocalyptic fantasy the space lost before civilization, in a clear argument against the irresponsible and senseless environmental culture that we maintain.

The integration not only of popular elements of contemporary culture such as writers, singers or references to successful films, but the subtle appearance of logos and recognizable brands, also leads us to a critical visual comment of the excessive consumerism that could also shake society current.

His work is widely recognized in the art world, also being used often in the field of graphic design, having published in such prestigious journals as Wired Magazine, Boston Globe, Juxtapoz, Art Maze Magazine and The Vergue.

Iconography and pop-art in the works of Scott Listfield

His repertoire is colorful, utopian and alive and detailed. ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ is a reference. ‘1984’ by Orwell too. But there is a point at which recreation surpasses influence and brings a personal personality to the Scott Listfield paintings. They take on a life of their own so that we can accompany the lonely explorer, the astronaut who seeks, although he never seems to find anything. Undaunted spectator of what in the world is at ease: Loneliness.

As an astronaut who falls to Earth and does not know if he is in the present, past or future. Yours? The one of humanity? It is a truly entertaining and very conceptual collection, to make us think. Discovering us another future world will be possible.

His work does not seem to end, his web is a good example of this and we could find before a future icon of modern painting.

El arte de Scott Listfield
El arte de Scott Listfield