Education Forum 2017, What are the most demanded university degrees?

Radio debate Education Forum 2017 Saint Louis University Madrid

Tertulia Foro Eduacion 2017 Saint Louis University

Radio debate Education Forum 2017 Saint Louis University Madrid

Radio debate Education Forum 2017

Saint Louis University campus Madrid

Interesting discussion about the Education Forum in Value 2017 led by Susana Criado in the «Intereconomía», about the university education in Spain, the possibility of studying abroad, and valuation of the different offers in Spain.

These are some of the topics that have been lively debated: What careers have been most demanded and why? What is the situation of the country regarding this range of possibilities? What are the advantages of studying abroad and what are the options?

Monica Chiclana, Admissions Counselor and Student Coordinator at Saint Louis University Madrid, talks about the increase in student enrollments this year in the face of the great interest of studying abroad and, she points out, that Saint Louis University Campus Madrid after 50 years in Madrid, is a very good option to study in an American university (its headquarters is in Missouri) without having to move to USA, with the economic saving that means.

Mónica recounts how the open day was: «Our future students come to the campus with their families and give an overview of what we give, the options of the careers we offer; A tour of the campus is given; To finish, we have a panel of students that helps to solve any doubt to the potential new students, with a very international profile of diverse nationalities. Most importantly, we are a small campus that allows a personalized contact with its students and, with it, the quality of education. «

Open day in universities

Miguel Palacios, dean of executive training at ESCP Europe, speaks about the expansion of its new campus in Paris, ESCP Europe: a business school with 6 courses in Europe. The differentiating element in their bachelor management is the fact that the students study in different European campuses throughout their career, since they begin studying in London or Paris and then they go to Madrid or Turin, thus they learn to work and to collaborate with Students of many countries, which gives added value to their education.

Carmen Martínez de Sola and Coello de Portugal, manager of the Center for Higher Studies Cardenal Cisneros also celebrates its open day and stresses that, despite being a smaller campus, they have the great advantage of having an excellent location in the center of The city of Madrid. They are specialists and a benchmark in careers as psychology and authorized to impart double degree.

Mercedes Aguero, vice-dean of marketing and communication of the European University, indicates that it belongs to the Laureate International Universities Network, implanted in more than 70 countries, with an academic model very close to the student. With 2 campuses in Madrid (Villaviciosa de Odón and Alcobendas), Valencia and Canarias, offering all the careers from the health sector, engineering and sports.

What careers have been most in demand and why?

In these days in which about 200 thousand Spanish students are going to decide their preferences, Manuel Velázquez comments on the results of a study conducted by the independent company Sigma Dos for the Everis Foundation, where he shows us the survey that has been made to companies On the employability of recent graduates.

The most demanded careers by students are:
-Business Management,
-Informatics Engineering
-Industrial Engineering
-Commercial and Marketing

By branch of training, sanitary careers are the ones that grow the most in job offers, especially Nursing. It is surprising that neither Law (place 12) nor Journalism (place 50+) are in the top 10 positions when it has always been this way.

On the other hand, the careers that have the most job offers are:
-Health activities
-Information and Communication

The seventh employment report of ADECCO indicates as degrees of average employability, those of the scientific – sanitary areas (medicine, pharmacy, some engineering as chemistry, naval or civil.

And degrees of lower employability, with low job offers but with a very high degree of degrees: such as humanities, law, political science, sociology, journalism and audiovisual communication.

Listen to the rest of this interesting talk and below you can download the survey to Spanish companies on the employability of recent graduates.

Listen to the Radio debate Education Forum 2017

Download the «Survey of Spanish employers on the employability of recent graduates.»