Subway advertising, corridors, vestibules and platforms.

Subway advertising

Subway advertising has a huge impact on our lives, would like to know why?
Subway advertising

Subway advertising

Subway advertising

There is a type of advertising that often might be overlooked to the planners, is the outdoors advertising in public transport, today we would like to talk about subway advertising: corridors, vestibules and platforms.

In our day to day dealing with directors of advertising, marketing or other local business owners, we have had to see the «poker face» of many clients when we suggested them the possibility of having presence on subways advertising. Basically is the ignorance of the medium, because some of our customers use private transport instead the subway.


Subway, buses, airports, squares and streets are high-traffic areas also known as «non-places» where we have an internal subconscious dialogue trying to find our own identity within this large shared spaces and at this moment, advertising is filtered directly to our mind.

The subway is par excellence the «non-place» medium with higher traffic and the reason why has a huge impact. How many times have you gone to see a film, an exhibition, bought products or visited restaurants that previously have seen announced in Metro.

The passenger through non-places retrieves his identity only at Customs, at the tollbooth, at the check-out counter. Meanwhile, he obeys the same code as others, receives the same messages, responds to the same entreaties. The space of non-place creates neither singular identity nor-relations... only similitud.
Marc Augé, Los no lugares. Espacios del anonimato. Antropología sobre la modernidad, (1993)

Affordable advertising to any Pocket

Given the prices of outdoor advertising today, having presence in subway is affordable to almost all the pockets of businesses, especially those local businesses, who do not have large budgets to invest in other forms of outdoor advertising.

The subway has advertising supports with many daily impacts due to the high-traffic, audience who travel from home to work, to leisure areas or for any other reason.

The location of advertising in specific stations nearby to the advertised business, helps to the potential clients to grasp his interest in those particular business.

You can also use subway stations with large influx of an specific audience that we would like to reach with our campaign, such as: employees and public officials in agencies, students in University areas and Senior Schools, youth in leisure areas and shopping centres, etc, allowing you to segment the campaign.

Formats and supports

Lately, the types of support in this medium have increasedcoupled with the existing ones, (Jets, marquees or billboards 4 x 3), the possibility of creating special vinyl tailored campaigns, to cover virtually any surface of the metropolitan network, etc.

Is up to the client the duration of the campaign, with a great flexibility ranging from specific actions of one week to long-lasting campaigns for more than six months.

In short, Subway advertising is highly recommended, need to try… without fear.