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Tips before opening your online store

You need to read the following tips before...
Tips before open your online store

Tips before opening your online store


The way we communicate has changed radically thanks to the internet, for better or worse, we are all constantly connected in the cloud and sometimes we need to give a change to our life, our work or maybe we need extra financial help then we think about to open a home-based business by selling a product with  good suppliers, may you are good at doing something on your own or perhaps you simply want to dedicate to it. Now is where a question comes to mind «What if I work from home by my own online store?».

But before, you need to know the following information, because “whatever you do, do it well”, to help you avoid headaches along the process. You should realize this process will take time and a lot of efforts, dedication because you will have to adapt with an immediate response to the questions and requests of your customers, be aware of your stock, suppliers, shipments or possible product returns, in addition to planning sales strategies and investment in advertising to promote your business.

Self-employed, co-operative society, merchant company?

If you plan to make an online store you will have to take into account the way in which you will manage your business and tax regime, it is a process that takes time and necessary for the elaboration of invoices of the product sales.

Even for the payment gateway with card, the TPV module, the bank may ask you to be registered as a self-employed, co-operative society or merchant company. It is something you don’t often think about because you want to start as soon as possible, but it is important that you keep it in mind from the beggining.

Payment Methods

In an online store you will need to offer to your customers comfortable purchasing options, tailored to your needs but above all safe methods, avoiding additional costs to the customer. We normally work with 3 options of all the payment methods that are available:

  • Paypal: It is a safe method, owned by Ebay, in which you will have to register as a person or company through an email that will serve as an identification in your operations. To this account you will associate your credit / debit card, your bank account and will see registered all the deposits and movements.

Advantages: One of the safest platform, very simple to use and the customer does not need to enter cards numbers, only an email to purchase the item.

Disadvantages: Some payments may take to long to authorize the transaction. Also the exorbitant commissions they charge.

  • Payment by bank card: In order to use them, you must go to your bank and hire a virtual TPV module in order to offer the payment by credit card. It is normal to pay a commission for each transaction, which should be below one percent. Many also charge a minimum for each operation, to which can be added fees for discharge, maintenance; or even hire additional services from the financial institution.

But, once you find the entity and appropriate treatment, negotiate with them the conditions. If you already are a bank customer, you can ‘negotiate’ downwards.

Advantages: For the customer is very intuitive, since only chooses which card to use and pay, fills the corresponding data and that’s it.

Disadvantages: The module configuration must be implemented correctly to avoid piracy problems, etc.

  • Bank Deposit: When placing the order the customer enters the bank details of the merchant, goes to a bank and makes the deposit. It is usually asked for a receipt of that deposit already made. Western Union is a powerful money transfer company that offers business solutions to facilitate payment.

Advantages: There are no commissions from a third party or from any platform, except western union.

Disadvantages: It is necessary for the merchant to constantly check their banking situation because the order can not be sent to the customer until the payment is made.

Messaging and Shipping

Along with managing the payment method, you will have to explore aswell, the different courier companies, each company has adjusted packs for different needs: quantities, costs, weight, measures, delivery times.  Try to offer competitive prices on your products with shipping costs, as low as possible, the shipping cost is the main cause of dropouts in purchases. Without forgetting the quality of delivery, remember, an unsatisfactory experience can throw down a good quality of price and product.

Also is very important there is a reliable way of shipment tracking, it gives much confidence to the customer to know when the package will arrive and much better if they can even choose the time frame. The market is full of great products, so how can you compete with another company when you both have outstanding products? Well, it’s all about the customer experience you deliver.

You can opt for «free shipping costs from …» to encourage the purchase, it is worth thinking calmly and configure it in an attractive way to encourage sales, always explaining to the customer the actual delivery times to avoid problems.


One thing is the name of your company and other is the name of your domain, the one the public will know your online store, it is advisable to always have two options for domain, one that is the trade name «Zapatillas Gómez SL» –, and other option is a domain name that can be matched with a keyword search «cheap customized shoes madrid» –

We believe is important to point out some recommendations to choose a good domain name and help to the web positioning:

  • Choose and take it as soon as possible.
  • Have less than 64 characters, counting spaces.
  • Avoid characters with accents, ñ, spaces, numbers or mix different languages ​​in the same domain name.
  • If your target audience is also outside your country, register a ccTLD (country code top level domain) for each country, ie: .it, .es, .po, .do, .br.
  • Many companies offer the .es domain «free» in the purchase of another .com. The fact is that it is not a gift since the domain is free .es, because it belongs to the Ministry of Industry and what is done as an agency is to manage ownership that should always be in the name of the owner and not the agency, Changing the ownership or migration of the same may take weeks.


Very important will be that you have all the information of your products as detailed as possible as it will depend on the trust of the customer in your store, the specification of materials, measures, composition and good photographs of the product will make your audience Interest and buy the same. For this we also help you to elaborate the photographs of your products if it is what you lack, you just have to consult us during the project approach.

It is necessary to create a blog in which you write quality content relating to your sector, where in addition, you promote your products, create a circle of readers and thereby retain the user loyalty. In addition to the creation of social networks that promote your information in the community, promotions, discounts, news.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to know what to write but we help you in the elaboration of content in your blog and management of social networks, giving that sense of community that we seek to attract more traffic to your online store.

Diffusion and positioning

It is a frequent question to know how long you will see your online store finished and operational, as you have read will depend on the most information you have prepared before starting because if we have all the information can be two weeks even in what you already have Your operating store.

When your store is already ready, it is time for the world to know it, the better positioned this your web will be easier to find by the search engines and your audience; All our web pages are ready for a natural organic positioning because they meet all the standards and protocol of Google, clear information concise always thinking about your target audience and your needs as a salesperson.

At the same time, you will be able to ask for some campaign for the opening of your store, maybe a gift coupon, some special promotion, and link it to an online advertising campaign like Adwords, remarketing or Google shopping where we can help you. There is no point in having a complete online store, if nobody knows about it, if you want to know the different ways to spread and advertise your web contact us and ask us all your doubts.

As you will have read not all the pink but the result of all this effort will be a store with many visits and above all many sales. Once you decide to go for it enchanted we will solve all your doubts and we will guide you by this exciting way, good luck!.