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Twitter 140 characters limit

The company is about to announce changes in the way of posting the maximum characters per tweet

Twitter 140 characters limit

As Bloomberg reported, the social network will cease posting any added to the text, such as links, photos or videos as part of those 140 characters. A link is 23 extra characters in a tweet. But the company has not confirmed the news.

In January, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey announced that the company has been evaluating new forms of display texts on the social network based on the analysis of how users use the service. The 140 character limits force some users to tweet screenshots of the longest Tweets, or send several consecutive tweets to share a long text. Twitter aims at users to enrich their tweets with multimedia content and external sources, thus making the conversation more attractive.

In January, Dorsey thinks about the possibility of extending the length of messages up to 10,000 characters, although only a portion of them appears in the, but he later dismissed the idea.

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