Landing page: How does it work? And a call-to-action?

What is a landing page made for?

What is a landing page made for?

What is a landing page made for?

In digital marketing, there are many tools that are revalued or lose their effectiveness, according to the times and alterations of algorithms or usual dynamics, as with SEO or social media management. One of the best results today, is landing page, a tool which goal is to turn our visitors into contacts and then into customers. Are they effective?

The answer is clear. YES. The landing page can transform a simple visit to the web in an optimized lead and later in a final client, if we know how to play our creative cards well, as well as the necessary claims to make it functional and effective.

From a one-page web design, we will build a page of reception and quick information, with which in addition to attracting the attention of the user, we will not leave it if we can induce an interest in him to know more about it. our product, even if it was not what you were looking for.

What is a landing page made for?

How does a landing page work?

It is important to carefully choose the strategy by which we want to capture our users through a landing page. This is to understand first what qualities we can highlight of our product or service and then how to show them in a concise and attractive way, so that the conversion is effective in the different steps

We must include it in our website (because we have linked to it from different locations) or use a domain or subdomain of the principal that we can customize to make the reception of visits even more reliable and boost the SEO that can produce them. In addition, as in any inbound marketing action, it is convenient to define the target audience very well, because in just a few seconds, we must convince with a couple of calls to action, that our proposal is the most interesting.

The attention calls that we apply in it and the elements that we will highlight, will be those that must work in order to generate the right leads. It is therefore advisable that your design be aesthetically different from that of the main website and that we monitor it with Analytics and Tag Manager to review the results obtained.

Ejemplo de landing page
Ejemplo de landing page

Characteristics of a landing page

  • Striking headlines: In order to capture the visitor’s attention very quickly, it is convenient that they be clear and concise, with a strong presence of keywords. The language must be direct and persuasive.
  • Reinforcement content: This should accompany the headlines so that we extend the benefits of the offer in an explanatory way, but at the same time, that motivate the action within the page. It must be brief, very descriptive and that puts in value the biggest inducements that we offer. The listings and multimedia content will enhance our message and facilitate the understanding of it by users.
  • Forms: Very important for conversion into useful leads, obtaining data and facilitating communication with users. Better if they are simple and brief, although the needs of each product or service will mark this pattern. The data request should be based on an added value that we offer in addition to our initial proposal.
  • Call-to-Action: Within the content we have offered, regardless of the format and the amount of information displayed, it is advisable to offer clear and concise calls to action, if possible, customized for our intended target.
  • Careful image: The design must be clean, very striking, as responsive as possible (to be able to view it correctly on all devices) and also clear with respect to the proposed offer.
  • Testimonials or awards: It is a good place to praise the qualities that others have seen in us. That is not ostentatious is good advice to choose carefully.
  • Minimize vanishing points: Outside distractions. No menus, additional content, thematic links or anything that may distract the user from our goal.

Landing page, a digital marketing tool

A landing page as an inbound marketing resource requires us to fine-tune our aim with the target audience we are targeting and, from the beginning, derive qualified traffic so that we do not lose many possible conversions in users who are not interested in entry. We must define very well the keywords on which we will work, both in the ads or banners that advance the access to the landing page, as well as those that we use within it, based on the strategy we have marked.

Checking your landing page


  • Control the use of links, especially those that take you from the main page.
  • Work the copys with a commercial mentality and a correct and responsible advertising language.
  • Redirect the final action of the process to a thank you page, to further loyalty the user.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers, not in the style of your aesthetic tastes.
  • Performs A / B tests to ensure efficiency and not lose conversions.
  • The action buttons that are clear and large. The icons of social networks, always present.