How to Write a Classified Real Estate Ad in 5 steps

How to write a classified ad

A well-structured classified real estate ad, can express perfectly what you are selling.
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How to write a classified ad

How to write a classified real estate ad.

As general rules, to post an classified real state ad in press, we usually advise our customer to know that the first thing that the potential buyer seeks are surface and the price of the property, and that if they don’t like what they read, the doesn’t continue reading and pass to the following announcement, there are details that make a more effective classified ad without the risk of too much to dwell in superfluous details.

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  1. The first step that we recommend is put the area where the property is located as the first word of the announcement. Has been proven that the people who are seeking a floor have a clear idea in which area they want to live.
  2. Second step, the number of bedrooms and all of meters square of the surface, apartment, land.
  3. The price in the ad is fundamental to avoid calls from curious people and make the person who contact you to have a clear idea about what would have to pay (though there is always the classic bargaining of both the buyer and the seller).
  4. It can also play a major part in allowing the the words “Particular” o “directly to the owner”. If it is the same owner of the property which will be in charge of the direct contact with the buyer.
  5. From here, we step on the issue of secondary data, some of them very important at the time of enhance the interest of a possible buyer. We are talking about: Parking space included or not in the total price, storage room, elevator, central services, 2 or more bathrooms, swimming pool, the proximity of the various forms of public transport.

Our experience tells us that a well structured classified real estate ad, may be basic when it comes to the future buyer can have a clear idea, in a very few words, of what you are trying to sell.